Importance of Taking Health Screenings in Orange CA

Importance of Taking Health Screenings in Orange CA

Your health plays an important role in the quality of life you enjoy. When any part of your body is unwell, the rest of your body will not function at its optimal. Over time, it becomes so easy to take your health for granted, forgetting it underpins everything you do.

Medical experts try to emphasize on the need for regular checkups and screening. They do so in the understanding that being proactive in your health has many benefits. It is far better than seeking curative treatment in at a pharmacy in Orange, CA.

What is Health Screening?

There are protocols taken to detect diseases in patients beforehand. The screening involves tests and exams, usually by a general physician in Orange, CA. These examinations and tests help with diagnosis and prognosis, should your body be ailing in any way.

Health screening is relevant before the development of any signs and symptoms. It is offered to people who need a medical perspective and analysis of their bodies. It is a measure of proactivity, so you can stay ahead of your health.

More about Health Screening

Health screening comes in different packages. The packages differ based on how long and intense the screening process is.

Given that health screening should analyze your entire body, the screening packages differ.

  • Quick checkup – usually lasts about 30 minutes or so.
  • Deep dive – lasts a lot longer; it features a comprehensive analysis and examination of your body.
  • Specific screening – this package is offered for an analysis of a specific part of the body. It covers some aspects like family planning screen, sexual health screening, oral health screening, to mention a few.

Which Health Problems Can Be Detected Through Health Screening?

There is no limit to the number of illnesses that can be detected during health screening in Orange, CA. Some of the most common issues detected include the following:

  • Blood pressure – any irregularities in the pressure if your blood can be detected. From here, you’ll know whether you have high or low blood pressure.
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer – this covers different types of cancers, ranging from breast cancer to cervical and prostate cancers.
  • Heart disease – irregular palpitations, strokes, and heart attacks.
  • Thyroid conditions and diseases

Why Do You Need Health Screening?

If you still need more reasons to book an appointment at OC Wellness and Specialty Pharmacy, consider the following:

  • Early diagnosis – one of the major benefits of health screening is early disease detection. If you can find anomalies in your body even before symptoms begin showing, you have a better chance of preventing progression. Most people allow their bodies to suffer extreme damage before they can consider treatment.
  • Preventive medical services – a lot can be done to ensure your body’s immune system is at its best at all times. You can adjust to new lifestyle changes, take vitamins and supplements, intentionally care for your different body parts, among many other ways. A physician will point out several measures that can help you lead a better life.
  • Habit counseling and rehabilitation – some habits have negative effects on your body’s health. A great example is tobacco usage. Even though your body may not be showing symptoms of damage from tobacco use, gradually, the damage is happening. Your doctor can better offer you habit counseling and rehabilitation to help overcome some of the bad habits you may have. However, this is possible after he/she has screened your body and identified any such underlying issues.

What is Involved in A Typical Health Screening?

A complete health screening session entails different aspects. The steps will differ depending on which type of screening you get the process will, however, include:

  • Questioning – your doctor will seek to collect as much information from you as possible. The initial step, therefore, includes in-depth questioning.
  • Lifestyle analysis – this will capture the activities you indulge in regularly. This ranges from eating habits, drinking habits, physical activities, among others. Great examples include alcohol consumption, smoking, body exercise, to mention a few.
  • Physical tests – this allows your doctor to gather samples of your body. It covers laboratory tests, physical exams, as well as x-rays, where necessary.
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