Dermatology is the branch of medicine that deals with all skin-related conditions. Some of these conditions are benign, while others are more serious. At OC Wellness and Specialty Pharmacy in Orange, CA, we get patients all the time with prescriptions for skin conditions.

Common Dermatological Conditions

Acne is perhaps the most common skin condition that people suffer from. In OC Wellness and Specialty Pharmacy, we have different drugs for acne. Visiting a dermatologist is recommended because the treatment of acne varies based on severity.

Sunburns are common during the hotter months of the year. Psoriasis is another common skin condition where patches of the skin develop whitish scaly plaques. Treatment of psoriasis can take a long time, unfortunately.

Fungal infections affecting the skin are common, especially in diabetics. They usually occur between the toes or in moist areas with skin folds like between the thighs and under the armpits. Contact dermatitis affects people who wear irritant accessories like bracelets or watches made of nickel or other metals.

If you notice any rash, ulcer, or discoloration in your skin, you should visit a dermatologist. They’ll diagnose you either clinically or with the help of investigations and prescribe adequate treatment that fits your presentation.

Dermatology Drugs and Treatments

Skin conditions can be treated using systemic drugs, local drugs, laser, heat/cold temperatures, and phototherapy. At OC Wellness and Specialty Pharmacy, we usually provide systemic and local drugs as described in a prescription.

Systemic drugs are usually used in widespread conditions affecting many areas of the body. They can also be used to treat conditions that are resistant to local therapy. Severe acne may require systemic antibiotics or systemic retinoids.

Retinoids have multiple side effects and are only used for severe acne. A pregnancy test is done before treatment starts in women because the drug can be harmful to the fetus, especially in the first trimester.

Local drugs include creams. These creams can be anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, or antifungals. They’re applied to the affected area of skin and have fewer side effects than systemic drugs.

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