Diabetes mellitus, characterized by elevated blood sugar, is a major cause of morbidity and mortality throughout the world. There’s no cure for it, but at OC Wellness and Specialty Pharmacy in Orange, CA, we have oral hypoglycemic drugs and insulin to help people control their blood glucose levels.

Tight glycemic control is desirable. Those who have persistently elevated glucose levels due to noncompliance or other reasons are at a higher risk of complications.

Types and Complications of Diabetes

The two most common types of diabetes are type I and type II. Type I usually presents at an early age and is due to very low to no insulin in the blood. The exact cause isn’t known, but something leads to the destruction of the cells that produce insulin in the pancreas.

Type II, on the other hand, primarily affects people in old age. It’s mostly due to muscles and fat becoming insensitive to insulin. The insulin is there. It’s just not working anymore. The pancreas tries to compensate by producing more insulin, but eventually, this leads to its exhaustion.

Diabetes has many complications, most prominently affecting the retina, nerves, and kidneys. The best way to avoid these complications is to take your meds as instructed, exercise, and eat healthy to keep your blood glucose levels within the right limits.

Apart from drugs or insulin, your doctor might want you to come in now and then for check-ups.

Treatment of Diabetes

The treatment of diabetes is planned according to each individual. For those with type I DM, insulin is almost always required to make up for the lack of intrinsic insulin. As for type II DM, treatment may start with diet and exercise.

If diet and exercise don’t work, you’ll probably be prescribed oral hypoglycemic drugs, which you can get here at OC Wellness and Specialty Pharmacy. When oral hypoglycemic drugs aren’t enough, insulin is used.

There are a couple of different insulin regimens that your doctor will choose from. The amount of insulin you take per day will also be regulated and adjusted by your doctor.

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