Health Screenings

At OC Wellness and Specialty Pharmacy, we don’t just fill prescriptions. Instead, we offer personalized and comprehensive health care—including health screenings that enable you to monitor your health and well-being. Being proactive about your health allows you to catch any complications while there’s still plenty of time for successful treatment. If all your screenings check out, then you have the peace of mind that comes with that additional layer of assurance.

Health Screenings Available at OC Wellness and Specialty Pharmacy

If you’re a resident of Orange County, CA, stop by for confidential health screenings for any of the following:

Blood Pressure Monitoring

High or low blood pressure isn’t always apparent. That’s why it’s crucial to get checked to know whether you’re in the normal or healthy range.

Cholesterol Check

High levels of cholesterol in your body increase your risk of developing heart disease later on. At OC Wellness and Specialty Pharmacy, we will check your cholesterol levels, and your body mass index (BMI). If we see anything concerning, we’ll advise you on the lifestyle changes you can make to lower your cholesterol and lead a healthier life.

Type 2 Diabetes Screening

Stop by OC Wellness and Specialty Pharmacy if you fear that you’re at risk of developing type 2 diabetes—for instance, if there’s a history of diabetes in your family. A member of our healthcare team will take you through the consultation phase, as well as the screening.

We also offer health screenings in the areas of dermatology, arthritis, oncology, and HIV.

Importance of Regular Health Screenings

Even if you feel fine most of the time, regular health screenings are the best way to take charge of your health. Sometimes, some conditions or diseases may lie undetected in your body for a long time before the symptoms start to show. Instead of waiting until it’s too late, be proactive and opt for regular health screenings at OC Wellness and Specialty Pharmacy.

If it turns out that there’s a problem, our team may refer you to a general physician or specialist for additional care. If there’s no problem, then you’ll go home with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything is indeed fine.

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