HIV is a blood-borne disease that affects many people across the world. While there’s no definitive cure for HIV yet, we now have drugs that can help HIV patients live normal and much longer lives than before.

We’re proud to have these drugs here at OC Wellness and Specialty Pharmacy in Orange, CA. Patients need to take them regularly for almost their entire lives, so having a consistent source to get them is vital.

What Is HIV?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. As the name implies, these virus attacks the immune system and leads to its depression. The course is slow, and it takes years. At first, a person who gets infected with HIV can have a fever and generalized aches, which can be mistaken for a cold or the flu.

The virus then silently replicates for years, all while weakening the immune system. Eventually, an HIV infected person will suffer from full-blown AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). The virus itself isn’t what leads to complications; it’s what it does.

Our immune system isn’t just important for protecting us from infections, but also cancer. When an abnormal cell develops, the immune system recognizes and kills it before it replicates and leads to a tumor. In the absence of an immune system, the body is highly susceptible to multiple and different infections and cancers.

Early diagnosis is important for several reasons. First, the affected individual can start treatment to slow the progression of the disease. Secondly, the sooner a person knows they have HIV, the sooner they can start taking the necessary precautions not accidentally to infect others.

HIV Treatment

Treating HIV is based on antiretroviral drugs. HAART is the most popular and most commonly used treatment. It stands for Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy. Doctors have different combinations of classes to choose from, and at OC Wellness and Specialty Pharmacy, we’ll be able to provide you with them.

While these drugs have numerous benefits and increase an HIV infected person’s life expectancy, they also have potentially serious adverse effects. Your doctor should warn you about them and discuss how you’ll be evaluated every once in a while for their development.

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