Living with cancer is one of the difficult things a person can go through. Oncology is the branch of medicine that deals with diagnosing and treating cancer. Surgical oncology is for tumors that can be surgically removed either as a treatment or for palliative care.

Oncologists heavily rely on chemotherapeutic drugs for treating cancer. At OC Wellness and Specialty Clinic in Orange, CA, we know all about chemotherapeutic drugs, how they work, and their side effects. Of course, drugs used in chemotherapy aren’t over the counter and are usually taken under medical supervision.

Oncology and Cancer

Each one of our cells has a lifespan and a limited number of times that it can replicate. Cancer cells are abnormal and can replicate indefinitely. The problem with unregulated growth is that the tumor can compress and steal blood supply from healthy tissues. Tumors can also be quite harmful by metastasizing and if they produce hormones.

The problem with cancer is that it stays silent for a long time. Early diagnosis is important for a good prognosis. The results of treating stage 1 cancer are much better than those of treating stage 4.

Several screening protocols are in place to help detect those at risk of getting certain types of cancers. For example, smokers are required to get low-resolution CTs each year, starting a certain age to detect early lung cancer. Colonoscopies are also used to screen old men and women for colorectal cancer.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, staging is done to detect how advanced it is. Treatment is decided based on the stage.


Chemotherapeutic drugs work by inhibiting cell proliferation from stopping cancer progression or even eliminate it. There are lots of classes, and each class has a certain mechanism of action. The side effects of these drugs are related to their effect on cell inhibition.

Cells and tissues that normally proliferate a lot like those making up the mucosa or the bone marrow are particularly susceptible to damage. At OC Wellness and Specialty Clinic, we understand the burden of chemotherapy agents and recommend you strictly adhere to the plan your doctor sets for you.

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