Private Consultations

At OC Wellness and Specialty Pharmacy in Orange, CA, we know that talking about your health problems in public can be hard. People end up keeping their questions and concerns to themselves instead of discussing them.

That’s why we created private consultation rooms here at OC Wellness and Specialty Clinic. We’re here to address any concerns you have and answer all of your questions regarding your treatment plan and meds.

Talking About Your Health

Many people aren’t sure how and when to take their medications. They might not have a complete understanding of their condition or are worried about the side effects of a drug they’re supposed to take.

Talking about these in the pharmacy can be embarrassing, which leads to a lot of people going home quietly without addressing these concerns. The truth is that talking to your pharmacist about your treatment plan and drugs can be helpful.

Knowing what drugs your taking and how they’ll impact your health can help you comply with your prescriptions. If you’ve experienced an unpleasant side effect or read about one online, we can talk you through it to find out the problem. We can try to replace the drug causing you problems with another.

These changes are commonly made after a discussion with your doctor too. They’re always involved in the conversation. If we believe that one of the drugs prescribed to you is harmful, then we’ll need to talk to your doctor about its safety too.

Private Consultations at OC Wellness and Specialty Clinic

We believe that all people should be able to talk to their pharmacists. We encourage you to speak to your doctor about anything you have in mind regarding your case, but we’re here to help too. Sometimes people pick up drugs and realize they don’t know how to use them or read the pamphlet and see a side effect that worries them.

Talking to a trained and experienced pharmacist like those at OC Wellness and Specialty Clinic can be helpful and calming. Don’t hesitate to ask for a private consultation when you visit us.

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